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Extend wireless Full HD content to up to 4 receivers simultaneously
The perfect solution for streaming your digital content across a sports event, show room, conference room or a party.
Multicast wireless HDMI Extender / Switch

  • • Connect 2 inputs to 5 outputs (1 local + 4 remote)
  • • Up to Full HD (3D) and 5.1 channel Dolby audio
  • • Multicast: 1 transmitter streams to 4 receivers simultaneously
  • • Low latency < 1ms with WHDI™ Pro Technology

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Selection of ATEN wireless HDMI extenders
*VE849 VE809 VE829
Input 2x HDMI 2x HDMI 4x HDMI
1x Component Video
Output 1x Local
1x Receiver (Up to 4)
1x Local
1x Receiver
1x Local
1x Receiver
Mode Extender / Switch Extender / Switch Extender / Matrix Switch
Resolution Full HD (3D) up to 30m Full HD (3D) up to 30m Full HD (3D) up to 30m
Audio 5.1 channel Dolby 5.1 channel Dolby 5.1 channel Dolby
Data rate 6.75 Gbps 6.75 Gbps 6.75 Gbps
Wireless WHDI™ Pro Technology (5GHz) WHDI™ Technology (5GHz) WHDI™ Technology (5GHz)
IR control
MSRP VE849T: € 360,30
VE849R: € 360,30
€ 299,30 € 402,30
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*Setting up the VE849 requires at least one Transmitter (VE849T) and one Receiver (VE849R), which are sold separately.
VE849 - Setup Diagram

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