Your Power to Monitor, Control, Manage

ATEN UnizonTM is a server-based software for AV and IT professionals to centrally monitor, control, and manage ATEN Modular Matrix and Video Matrix solutions anytime, anywhere.

Device Condition Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and tracking of device condition for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Global Control and Scheduling

Perform and schedule routine tasks and firmware upgrades across multiple devices simultaneously.

Access and Location Management

Set user access levels and manage devices by room, floor, building, or even by city.

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ATEN UnizonTM provides real-time access to device status and remote centralized control to streamline your AV / IT management. It is easily deployed and integrates control of your entire installation zone, no matter how big or widely distributed, and is especially suitable for deployments with multiple ATEN Pro AV devices across different locations.

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