The ATEN KVM over IP Matrix System combines KVM over IP Extenders with KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM) to extend, control, monitor and access DisplayPort/HDMI/DVI-interfaced computers across an independent network with flexible configurations. Over IP solutions allow operators to be separated from servers, while secure, remote access is made easy, and servers remain centrally manageable.

Effortless over IP
Digital Media Extension

Unbeatable 4K / FHD
Video Wall Versatility

Intuitive Boundless

DisplayPort / HDMI /
DVI Supported

Secure Data

Powerful Centralized

Facility Situation Rooms

Traffic Management Centers

Utilities Process Control Centers

Network Operation Centers

Retail Surveillance Centers

Broadcasting Distribution Monitoring Systems

Command Control Centers

Air Traffic Control (ATC)


Especially suited for the air traffic control (ATC) industry. Relevant features include:

• 2K x 2K resolution

• Adaptive Fast Switching within 0.3 secs

• Authentication lock for automatic logins

• Connection redundancy

• Power and network redundancy

• Disconnection alert


KE9952 / KE9950 / KE9900ST


KE8952 / KE8950 / KE8900S


KE6940 / KE6900 / KE6912 / KE6910 / KE6900ST

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